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Blindagem de Processos

“Blindagem de Processos” is a methodology that aims to develop and execute the company strategy at all levels of the organization in a consistent manner, at the same time, simplifies the processes and eliminates waste by reducing costs, improving quality and productivity, and ensuring customer delivery in pursuit of operational excellence.

Strategy Deployment

With a structured and objective approach, the methodology ensures the execution of the strategy and its projects at all levels of the organization, monitoring and consolidating strategic results bottom-up in the organizational pyramid.

Strategy Execution Consulting

To enable the complete execution of the strategy, we offer a training program for leaders and collaborators, allowing them to implement control of process parameters; agile and lean projects, in all processes within the organizational structure.

Our Differential

The “Blindagem de Processos” proposes an innovative solution on the path of organizational transformation seeking technological evolution aligned with industry 4.0. The innovation lies in the way it brings together processes’ improvement, human capabilities, Lean Manufacturing tools and performance indicators management embedded in a adequate organizational culture and leadership style designed according to the need of each customer aiming at achieving operational excellence.


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On March 20 and 21, 2017, the Blindagem de Processos marked its presence in this amazing conference.

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