Management in economic crisis: What is the way to overcome?


Gestão em tempos de crise

On December 7, 2016,  Luiz Mattos, Founder of Blindagem de Processos, held another talk, this time at the first meeting of the HR group in Motion, held at Senac RJ, Botafogo unit.

The group is made up of more than 100 Human Resources professionals representing National and Multinational companies from the most different branches of activity in Rio de Janeiro.

The purpose of the event was to facilitate the exchange of professional and personal experiences among the participants. This goal was translated into the motto: “Making the relationship our greatest virtue!!!”

Therefore, based on this context the theme chosen for this first moment and that permeated all the lectures and activities held on the day was: “HR in times of crisis”.

That said, we can proceed to a brief summary of what was the lecture of BP.

Environment and Trajectory

Following the general theme exposed above and aligning the work methodology of Blindagem de Processos, Luiz Mattos talked about management in economic crisis. He demonstrated how culture and leadership styles can drive the company out of the crisis.

In the first of the 3 large blocks of the talk, Luiz showed a timeline of his career. From the beginning as a mechanical technician to his latest roles, as Chief Operating Officer; Plant Director and as the founder of Blindagem de Processos.

Blindagem de Processos: A trademark

Yet, he spoke about the trademark Blindagem de Processos. Thus, discussed the origin of its name and the model proposed by us.

Our standard establishes a methodology of implementation of the strategy in the day-to-day of the organization.

It acts directly in organizational culture, management and leadership. This all results in the removal of silos from within the company.

Thus, better communication between managers and their employees is promoted, going through all operational levels and making the execution of the strategy flow.

Then, he started to discuss the 4 pillars or elements of the Blindagem de Processos methodology, according to the table below.

Still, Luiz carried on talking about operational excellence and how it is possible to propel the company towards it. The most important point in management in economic crisis is caring about quality. The concern about “doing it right the first time.” As difficult as it is, it is still possible, just plan and know the risks that may exist and how to overcome them.

If you want to learn more about the company, click here and get to know our methodology thoroughly.

Case Study: Rolls Royce – Energy Division

With practical examples of his professional life, Luiz then proceeded to show the Case Study of Rolls Royce Energy.

In this company, he was director of the plant and ended his career in the formal market.

In the Case Study, the results speak for themselves. They prove that Blindagem de Processos is not just a beautiful theory or philosophy.

It is a methodology essentially based on a strong execution and an extensive experience of everything that has been talked about. Thus, it becomes an important tool in management in economic crisis.

In the last block, Luiz demonstrated how much Blindagem de Processos applies in any sector of the economy, such as services, for example. Always focusing on what is value to the customer.

Management in economic crisis and lean iceberg

To close, Luiz showed the figure below that shows the Iceberg of Lean Manufacturing tools. It illustrates very well the use of each instrument as a complement to the needs of companies.

Lean Iceberg

However, it is worth remembering that all the tools at the top do not work without their foundation: a solid philosophy of organizational culture. This is the fundamental role of an excellent HR department, assisting in crisis management.