• How to use Knowledge management to generate results for organizations


    Do you want to make your organization more profitable? Have a difficulty to introduce continuous improvement through knowledge management? Find out the answers in this post. (more…)

  • Management in economic crisis: What is the way to overcome?


    Gestão em tempos de crise
    On December 7, 2016,  Luiz Mattos, Founder of Blindagem de Processos, held another talk, this time at the first meeting of the HR group in Motion, held at Senac RJ, Botafogo unit. The group is made up of more than 100 Human Resources professionals representing National and Multinational companies from the most different branches of activity in Rio de Janeiro. The purpose of the event was to facilitate the exchange of professional and personal experiences among the participants. This

  • Blindagem de Processos participated in the First Brazilian Manufacturing Conference in São Paulo


    A palestra Blindagem de Processos
    The first Brazilian Manufacturing Conference, held in November 2015, was an event that brought together more than 150 strategic Manufacturing professionals from all over Brazil. It was a unique moment organized by the company WTG  in partnership with Dialogia, with simultaneous talks held in São Paulo, at the conference room of the Tivoli Hotel. During this first version, the conference focused on generating productivity and competitiveness through Lean Manufacturing, a subject on t

  • What is the importance of company strategy to reach the base of operation?


    organizational strategy
    All companies in one way or another have an organizational strategy. Being Formal or informal, it is represented by executive plans in place, expressed internally by daily management actions. These plans, in general, translates the business vision. Embedded on it are wishes and desires of its executives and/or business shareholders, in relation to growth, stability, maintenance, downsize or increase competitiveness, aiming to search customers’ expectations. In this sense, such plans can

  • Industry 4.0: what can companies do to keep up?


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  • Second Manufacturing Conference in São Paulo – Brazil: Blindagem de Processos took part as keynote speaker.


    On March 20 and 21, 2017, the Blindagem de Processos marked its presence in this amazing conference. (more…)