The Company

The “Blindagem de Processos” is a trademark of a methodology developed as a result of practical implementations using modern management tools aiming to support our customers to pavement the way to operational excellence.

Despite the use of well-known Lean Manufacturing and BSC (Balanced Score Card) tools, our methodology is innovative because of the way we bring those tools together based on organizational assessment and customer needs.

On this way, we offer a range of consulting services including various types of assessments such as culture audit, leadership style and process health checks.

The company was created by Luiz Mattos, based on more than 40 years of experience in recognized organizations in Brazil, China and Europe, such as Gillette do Brazil, Reynolds Metals Company – Latasa, Novartis Consumer Health, Esab Brazil and Europe and Rolls Royce Brazil – Energy Division.

Mission Statement

Our aim is effective adding value to customers in their journeys to operational excellence by providing a high-quality business consulting at competitive cost and committed to the confidentiality of customers’ data and requirements.

Our Vision

Building a worldwide reputation for competence coupled with agility in problem solving and delivering results.

CHIRT Values

  • Confidence
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Transparency

Our Promises

  • Fully meet the customer needs with ethics and moral behavior, ability and technical competence skills, responsibility and high standard of quality and productivity.
  • Be results oriented, absorbing the sense of urgency, ensuring deadlines and return on investment (ROI).
  • Analyze, propose, develop and implement tailor-made solutions for our customer always aiming to make it more competitive and profitable, with absolute confidentiality of all information and data obtained in this process.

The “Blindagem de Processos” Methodology

Our organizational management methodology aims primarily at delivering results in the short term while aligning the company’s strategy and prepares the operation for growth through the introduction of projects to increase productivity and improve results.

Significant results were obtained in the start-up of the new Plant of Rolls-Royce Brazil — Energy Division that produced, assembled and tested 32 turbo generators for Petrobras oil platforms (TUPI project).

In summary, the “Blindagem de Processos” is based on the application of the 4 pillars explained and illustrated in the image below:

  • The strategy deployment brings transparency in, once it unfolds goals and strategic objectives in a structured way from top to the shop floor promoting engagement and commitment of all teams.
  • People (change) — aligned to the organizational culture of the company and acting as internal entrepreneurs.
  • Process management (simplification through waste removal) by using appropriate performance indicators aligned with the strategy and used to boost performance and promote day-to-day management of critical processes.
  • Management Philosophy (leadership and delivery mindset) — aligned with an appropriate leadership profile and good level of team motivation to make it happen within a great work environment.
  • The “Blindagem” on this context comprises the organization by achieving top management goals and customer needs, delivering day-to-day planned results.

In this context, process shielding implementation commits the organization to delivering the objectives of senior management as well as customer needs by delivering planned results on a daily basis.

The “Blindagem de Processos” Expected Results

The correct application of the “Process Shielding” methodology aims at:

  • Achieve the results expected by shareholders, managers and customers.
  • Introduce the roadmap for operational excellence and continuous improvement.
  • Promote a good working environment for workers;
  • To promote the improvement of productivity, reduction of costs and elimination of wastes;
  • Meet the requirements of safety, environment and health;
  • Meet compliance requirements in all aspects of risk mapping.

Our Differential

The “Blindagem de Processos” proposes an innovative solution on the path of organizational transformation seeking technological evolution aligned with industry 4.0.

The innovation lies in the way it brings together processes’ improvement, human capabilities, Lean Manufacturing tools and performance indicators management embedded in an adequate organizational culture and leadership style designed according to the need of each customer aiming at achieving operational excellence.