Our organization has multidisciplinary competences, bringing together experienced professionals in the 4 large areas in which “Blindagem de Processos” Methodology operates.

To that end, our partner consultants are committed to our organizational culture. They are prepared to meet the needs of our clients within their respective areas of expertise.

The Organization

Luiz Mattos

Founder of “Blindagem de Processos” Company. He is a Mechanical Engineer, postgraduate in Economic Engineering and Master in People Management, specialist in strategy development and execution, lead start-up operations, operations management and process simplification. Long experience in implementation and sustainability of Lean Manufacturing’s philosophy and tools in the companies he worked in Brazil, China and Europe.

In Europe, he acted as COO chief operations officer, responsible for the board of 10 industrial units located in 7 countries, with excellent results in the implementation of the “Blindagem de Processos”methodology.

Diogo Mattos

Managing Partner and Marketing coordinator of “Blindagem de Processos” Company”. Graduated in Media and Communication from the University of East London and master’s in marketing management from IPAM – Portuguese Institute of Administration and Marketing in Porto, Portugal, developing research on marketing automation in the B2B market. Specialist in Digital Marketing, focusing on Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing and Website Optimization for Search Engines (SEO). Creator of the methodology of Digital Processes Shielding.

Alberto Besser

Consultant partner specialist in business relations. Graduated in Engineering with specialization in Marketing, master’s in business management and Doctor in lean management. Alberto has been developing research on management technology in partnership with UFF, UNICAMP and HAW Hamburg, Germany.

José Augusto Vianna Duarte

Consultant partner specialist in Lean and Six Sigma as Black Belt degree. Graduated in Mechanical Engineering at PUC RJ and a Masters in Process Management from Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV). José Augusto has 20 years of proven experience in implementing the Lean philosophy, principles and tools involving, problem solving, tools implementation as well as process monitoring, people coaching and training, process improvements.

Marcelo Lopez, PMP

Consultant partner specialist in Project Management. Administrator with MBA, Master’s and Doctorate in Project Management of economic development. He audited, managed and directed projects in several multinationals in Latin America and the USA

Ricardo Maculan

Consultant specializing in productivity, continuous improvement and cost reduction, Engineer, with MBA by COPPEAD and more than 60 projects implemented using lean manufacturing tools.

Rosely Bentes

Rosely Bentes

Consultant partner – Psychologist, Neuro coach, Career development and Career Transition Advisor, HR specialist with several certifications in diagnostic tools.

Virginia Souza

Consultant specialist in coaching, leadership and organizational training.