Consulting and Training

Our consulting and training services are fully customized to each client’s needs. In this way, we enable managers and employees to implement the “Blindagem” methodology of all corporate processes.

Through our highly trained team of partner consultants, we offer:

  • Lean Start-up management of green field operations involving design of the organizational structure, definition of internal processes, establishment of corporate governance, start – up commissioning, certifications such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS18001, inhouse collaborators trainings such as operational, technical, managerial and leadership;
  • Diagnosis to access the current state of strategy deployment at all levels of the organization;
  • Complete assessment of organizational culture, management maturity and leadership style;
  • Value chain mapping (VSM) as a tool for diagnosis and use of agile project techniques to implement continuous improvement projects;
  • Complete diagnosis of the leadership profile, identifying Gaps and proposing adequacy plans;
  • Development of the Road Map (planning of implementation of the tools of the Process Shielding methodology);
  • Development and Training of the communication cell (management in sight of the real-time operation);
  • Implementation of methodology and tools of Identification and solution of problems in the day-to-day;
  • Coaching and Team Development;
  • Creation of the Lean (War Room) office;
  • Creation of the Training Center, with its rules and operational model;
  • Application of the various lean production tools;
  • Empowerment monitoring through the use of the gate control technique (agile projects) with quality checks to ensure adherence


In the scope of services, we also hold fully customized lectures aimed at preparing and engaging the organization and its work teams involved in the change and implementation activities from the factory floor through middle management to top management.