Blindagem de Processos participated in the First Brazilian Manufacturing Conference in São Paulo


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The first Brazilian Manufacturing Conference, held in November 2015, was an event that brought together more than 150 strategic Manufacturing professionals from all over Brazil.

It was a unique moment organized by the company WTG  in partnership with Dialogia, with simultaneous talks held in São Paulo, at the conference room of the Tivoli Hotel.

During this first version, the conference focused on generating productivity and competitiveness through Lean Manufacturing, a subject on the rise at the time. The invited speakers came representing large national and multinational companies.

The Brazilian Conference and Blindagem de Processos

Luiz Cláudio Mattos no Congresso Brasileiro de Manufatura 2015.
Luiz Mattos while speaking at the Conference

As it could not fail to be, Luiz Mattos, founding partner of Blindagem de Processos, spoke at the Brazilian Manufacturing Conference.

For about 30 minutes he talked about innovation and alignment of Lean Manufacturing techniques and principles within the reality of each company.

The main topics discussed by Luiz were:

  • Ensure execution to achieve results and grow
  • Process shielding and manufacturing management
  • Ensure strategic results and enable sustained growth

These are the 3 points on which the Blindagem de Processos methodology is based. In the first part of the lecture, Luiz explaned on what the method is and why it is important in delivering results via productivity improvement, cost reduction and job capital management.

In the second and last moment, he showed two case studies, one of them being Rolls Royce Brazil. Both successful cases presented, demonstrated to all participants the actual results obtained with the methodology applied in the day-to-day management of an industry and its production processes.

See below some photos of the lecture at the Brazilian Manufacturing Conference.

Luiz Mattos during the debate section


As you saw, the Brazilian Manufacturing Conference was a great event. In it, important leaders of the Brazilian manufacturing market discussed current problems. In addition, they gave essential tips to the success of any company.

With this event, WTG and Dialogia have given participants a vision of how companies can improve their business and build solid success soon.

Similarly, we hope to help our customers. That’s why we believe in our motto: “Shield to improve, maintain and grow.”

I now invite you to return to our home page and download the exclusive PDF on our methodology.